Yirong Wang 

BSc. Textile Science Technology with Industrial Experience 


Centrifugal Moulding of Braided Composites
Braiding is a promising manufacturing method to manufacture composites, such as tubular structures in various industries including aerospace, medical and automotive. The conventional manufacturing method generates defects, such as wrinkles formed on outer surface of braided composites. Centrifugal moulding, originally designed for manufacturing plastic products, is a promising method to produce cylindrical products with finished exterior surfaces. The raw materials are put inside a hollow mandrel, driven to rotate by centrifugal force. As the method can reduce the resin infusion time for producing thick walls and long tubular structures without wrinkles, the possibility of centrifugal moulding to manufacture braided composites is explored in this project.
P.S. As the programme structure has been changed to Fashion Technology, it may be worthy to upload two different parts: fashion and technology: Coursework of Fashion units; Technology project and bulletproof plate design by using Abaqus.
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