Victoria Bailey

BSc. Fashion Buying and Merchandising

In response to the sustainability megatrend and my interest in the area, I have developed a multi-phased collaboration between Zara and one of the first socially conscious luxury brands, Stella McCartney for my buying strategy project. This was recognised as an area of growth for Zara to improve its sustainable associations but also to enable the brands to leverage their core competencies and create a stronger competitive advantage. 
Trend research explored the marriage of science, nature and technology, brand research enabled brand congruence and research into sustainable developments enabled the opportunity for the use of seaweed fibres within the range. 
The result was transseasonal womenswear clothing that embraces classical tailored silhouettes with built in functionality and practicality. Zara’s famous polka dot dress was a key influence for the range, drawing on versatility and modesty. Draping was used to add femininity while clean lines and volume offer a modern aesthetic and modern design details including cut out and rope ties were used to refresh silhouettes. 
Leadership roles within the university: Peer Assisted Study Scheme Leader, Student Representative / Part of the Staff Student Liaison Committee 
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/Victoria-bailey-ba6519150