Seoyoung Rachel Ahn

BSc. Fashion Management

Growth Strategy for Sustainable Brand
For my Business Project portfolio, I developed a future strategy for ‘Eunoia’, a sustainability-focused start-up I co-founded in 2019. The objectives were to expand brand awareness and establish a strong brand narrative around mindfulness and sustainability values. This entailed planning a large art event which invites consumers and the wider public to be involved in Eunoia’s storytelling in a co-creative setting. The co-creation process is an interactive way to form a deeper connection with Eunoia’s consumers while informing them about social issues surrounding cosmetic packaging waste and materialistic habits. The portfolio looks at how the proposed event achieves Eunoia’s objectives through artistic vision, symbolism-aided storytelling, promotions, and value created for the brand, consumer and wider community. Please contact directly for a copy of this portfolio.
Email: rachahn97@gmail.com
Instagram: @rachahn97