Rosanna Saxby

BSc. Fashion Marketing with Industrial Experience  

I enrolled in a BSc in Fashion Marketing in 2016 after enjoying Textiles at A-Level. After successful first and second years I was fortunate enough to obtain a placement year in Product development and innovation at N Brown Plc, working in the Menswear department, where I was responsible for six product ranges. I learnt tremendous amounts and I also discovered a real enthusiasm for driving sustainability and strategic planning informed by data analysis.  
I have chosen work to reflect this, as sustainability was a focus in final year. Honest Threads is an Eco-conscious athleisurewear range made from recycled ocean plastic to better strategically align Hollister to its target market’s increasingly conscious values. I used skills gained at N Brown to develop the product range from the fabric compositions, to innovative product selling points to styling to best appeal and re-engage Hollister’s target market.  
Email: rosiesaxby@outlook.com  
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rosanna-saxby