Rebecca Johnson

BSc. Fashion Management with Industrial Experience

Strategic Management of a Sustainable Brand and Brand Rebranding
As the Managing Director, I developed a strategic purpose for the brand Eunoia which I co-founded and ran in a team of six. The vision & mission statement along with the manifesto highlights the difference the brand aims to make, providing guidance to the teams operations and decision-making. Along with this, for my Business Project Portfolio I created a rebranding of the brand with a goal to increase brand-awareness and strengthen its identity. The rebranding looks at how social media can be used as a tool to promote transparency and spark conversations with consumers. The portfolio explains the rebranding further, analysing the strategies that support rebranding and justifying the need of it. Please contact me directly for a copy as I would love to discuss the portfolio further. 
Email: rebecca.johnson98@outlook.com
Instagram: rebeccajohnsonx