Qi (Effe) He

BSc. Fashion Buying and Merchandising with Study Abroad

As a Fashion Buying student, the core conception of my course stems from art and culture study, fashion and textile design, and fashion business study. So I’m always required to be more creative and inspired in my studies. I can use professional logical thinking and personal sensitive insight to connect the creative cultural study with my design business study. 
For my Buying Strategy project, I have developed a new lingerie line strategy for the English luxury retailer – Burberry, to improve the brand awareness for further potential growth of the company. As the market demand continues to increase, traditional luxury fashion brands have to keep being updated to meet the complex needs of their consumers.
Therefore, I do hold a deep interest in the future fashion industry with a goal to devote my creative learning skills to meet more possibilities for my future career.
Email: effewaldorf@foxmail.com
Instagram: @effewaldorf