Buying Strategy 

For my Buying Strategy project, I have developed a multi-phased occasion-wear collaboration with premium womenswear brand, Rixo London,  who has been recognised as a potential strategic opportunity as for growth stimulation at British retailer M&S as part of a wider differentiation strategy.


I have developed a series of ranges such as, ‘Designing Emotion’ which celebrates the increasing convergence between humans, digitisation and technology. Colour palettes prioritise wearable, feel-good mid-tones with a heavy focus on yellows and fashion-forward aqua. Styling is eccentric, celebrating ad-hoc layering and experimentation to shake up accepted fashion norms.


Prints are diverse - spanning retro forms, handcrafted details, conversational and scenic designs. Silhouettes take cues from organic forms, focusing on the relationship between nature and craftsmanship.

Kathryn Spain. BSc Fashion Buying and Merchandising