Melissa Waring

BSc. Fashion Buying and Merchandising 

New Activewear Range for Zara
A new activewear range for Zara has been developed for my Buying Strategy project, this strategy will place Zara in a position to develop into an existing market, a potential strategic opportunity for Zara to expand their product offerings and enable growth. The strategy involves a unique selling point of taking on a ‘holistic approach’ by championing mental health with sustainable activewear, which suits Zara’s ‘Join Life’ sustainability plan and brand identity. Colours focus on ‘minimalism’ and ‘enhanced neutral tones’ with on trend mid-tones/prints/detailing to further suit the brands identity and target market. Silhouettes are designed as ‘cross over products’ where products can go from gym to street wear, providing ease for the consumer, further favouring mental health and linking to the Homespun trend. 
My future aspirations involve using my skills learnt at university and during my buying work experience to develop into a career in buying/merchandising.
Email: Melissawaring12@gmail.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-waring-701332157/