Marco Albini

BSc. Fashion Management  

For the Fashion project, I decided to create a strategic development concept for PUMA, involving a collaboration with CASIO G-Shock to enter the wearables market by offering a new and innovative sportswatch, taking in consideration customers’ preferences. Incorporating key innovative features, such as tracking and physiological sensors like heart-rate monitoring and using solar-powered batteries allows PUMA to differentiate further from its competitors and attract a larger customer segment interested in the growing wearables market. 
In terms of marketing projects, for the digital branding unit in 2nd year I produced a short ad campaign for Guess, with the objective to improve the brand’s communication strategy and relationship with its target segment. The ad itself represents a call to action where Guess’s customers could become Guess girls and be included in the photos of the new multi-channel campaign.
Email: marco.albini1@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albinimarco/