Lucy Lambert

BSc. Fashion Marketing with Industrial Experience 

My degree pathway at university was fashion marketing and I have chosen to showcase the internationalization strategy report that I put together for the brand Fenty as I feel it perfectly showcases my passion for this business area. The aim of the internationalisation plan, proposed for FENTY, was to help the brand in ultimately solidifying its position and brand image within the luxury apparel market. The report encompasses all areas of international marketing from examining the micro and macro environment as well as determining an attractive market for entry; a suitable entry method and strategies for promotion.
My year in industry, working at the Puma headquarters in Germany as well as my role as marketing director for my final year business project,  helped me to confirm my future intentions of working within fashion marketing and either moving to London or perhaps abroad again if the opportunity arose!
Email: lucylambert19@gmail.com
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-lambert-3169a3133/