Korsha O'Rourke

BSc. Fashion Marketing 

Bio: In response to the fashion industries need to maintain sustainable competitive advantage in addition to globalisation. I developed a strategy whereby JD internationalise into the Canadian market. Taking the businesses core competences and the external opportunities to allow JD as a business to thrive and grow. Adding a youthful and fashionable edge to Canada's Athleisure sector. The most feasible method of entry was via a nomadic pop- up store. 
After graduation I am seeking to move to Germany to learn a new culture, understand a new market as well as developing my skills through learning a new language and advancing as a person to improve my existing qualities. I particularly enjoy events and PR which I seek to find my aspiring career in, upon my return to the UK.
Email: korshaorourke1@gmail.com
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/korsha-o-rourke-ab9297173