Kelly O'Mahony

BSc. Fashion Buying and Merchandising

For my Buying Strategy project, a Gender-blur range - “TopX” - of products has been created for Topshop/Man. This has been strategised as a forward-thinking differentiation tactic within the young high-street market, to move towards a larger strategic goal to regain target audience engagement. As the brand seems to have lost its “edge” in recent years in the opinions of its shoppers, this unique range that offers products not currently provided by competitors presents an opportunity for Topshop/Man to demonstrate its innovative capabilities to profitable reception by its fashionable customer-base. Colour palettes are in-keeping with the brand’s usual identity within the A/W season, whilst serving the dual purpose of being non-gender-stereotypical, presenting the range’s neutral purpose. The range aspires to present the brand as influential and fashionable within the growing reception towards self-expression, thus positioning its products at the fore-front of target market trends and updating the brand’s current identity towards a more positive, innovative situation. Future aspirations for myself revolve around working in wardrobe and costuming.  
Email: kelly_omahony@btinternet.com