Hongyu Zhou

BSc. Fashion Technology  

Smart Textile Development in Pulse Oximetry of Human Pulse (Heartrate) and Oxygen Saturation in Blood (SpO2) Measurement on Knitted Gloves
Monitoring health condition and physiological parameters has become important during recent years, especially in the recent COVID-19 quarantine. It is then necessary to invent a wearable system rather than traditional bulky measuring instrument to measure those parameters. In this technology project, after intensive literature review, I proposed a wearable glove with functions of detecting human oxygen saturation in blood and heart rate, as well as transmitting the signal to cell phone by textile NFC antenna. Those patients who need to stay at home and do self-monitoring or senior citizens with chronic diseases could be benefit from this biomedical device.
I would enter Imperial College London to study composites material science in this fall. I found that aircraft composite manufacturing process is largely similar to textile production, thus it might not be difficult for me to adapt to such a brand-new course. I am looking forward to it! Meanwhile, I wish to express my gratitude to UoM and my lecturers and tutors for such a wonderful fashion journey! Also I want to thank all of my friends for your love and support. Thank you so much!
Email: yankzhou@sina.cn
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