Freya Marshall

BSc. Fashion Marketing   

Business Project Logo & Social Media Design
With sustainability becoming a popular buzzword in the retail industry, myself and my business project group developed Panda. An environmentally-friendly toiletries brand, developed with the focus of minimising single-use waste in our daily routines and educating our customers on the importance of sustainability. As a team, we settled on the brand name Panda, as our reusable face pads are made from a bamboo cotton blend and designed to ‘wipe away your panda eyes’. During the logo development process, I wanted to keep the focus on black and white design as these colourings are associated with pandas. The final design shows a pandas face with its eyes peeking over the paws, designed to resemble make-up removal. This logo forms an important part of our brand image and is used consistently on our social media, website and packaging. 
Email: freyammarshall15@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/freya-marshall/