Francesca Grocott

BSc. Fashion Buying and Merchandising with Industrial Experience 

Fashion Project – Strategic Brand Development Concept
Redefining Topshop – A Product Development Diversification Strategy
An amalgamation of personal interest in sustainability, acquired skills in product development and recognition of critical need to redefine sustainable fashion has inspired the direction of this project. The strategy pursues environmental sustainability through a multi-dimensional approach to product development; the philosophy of ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’.  These notions address designing for both longevity of use and environmental impact reduction respectively. Accordingly, implementation intends to establish an authentic commitment to sustainable fashion, redefining Topshop’s brand equity and radically diversifying from the brand’s current market positioning. Visualisation exhibits a considered approach to design with a minimalist aesthetic. Minimalistic design eliminates the ephemeral lifecycle of trends, whilst a considered approach permits a ‘better’ design with reduced environmental impact. Consequently, fulfilling strategic objectives; consumption reduction and conscious consumerism. 
Going forward, I aspire to contribute towards change in the industry throughout my future career in an attempt to drive fashion towards a sustainable and inclusive future. 
Email: Francesca.Grocott@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/francescagrocott/