Emmanuella Morsi

BSc. Fashion Management with Industrial Experience 

Circular Fashion Innovation
Emma Morsi is an award-winning multidisciplinary producer and a non-executive director of Rising Arts Agency. She recently completed a year placement as PUMA’s Global Creative Direction & Design intern in Germany as part of her BSC Fashion Management studies. Catastrophic amounts of post-consumer waste is the reality of modern disposable fashion. Her Technology Project research, Circular Fashion Innovation, aimed to challenge this through developing a circular system that repurposes waste substances from Unilever and other waste 3D-printed materials into a new functional material. The investigation led to generating a sustainable waste management business model. Herself and her project partner were two of very few undergraduates amongst professors, researchers and industry leaders who received the University’s Better Worlds funding for their projects’ aimed at finding innovative solutions to the world’s social and sustainable challenges. Once graduated, she will start her role as a brand communications executive and aspires to lead on culturally impactful campaigns. 
Website: www.emmablakemorsi.co.uk
Email: ebm@emmablakemorsi.co.uk
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/blakemorsi /
Instagram: @blakemorsi