Bridget Nzenwa

BSc. Fashion Buying and Merchandising with Industrial Experience  

Buying project 
Inspired by my late Grandmother, my concluding Buying Project considers a range extension strategy for Uniqlo. Uniqlo Gold seeks to enhance quality of life for women living with Dementia. The developed collection - supported by merchandising and technical plans - addresses the target consumer’s complex physiological and heterogenous needs. In turn, developing a niche competitive advantage for the brand. 
Fashion Project 
Continuing the notion of diversity and inclusion, my final fashion project conceptualises a magazine pitch for Topshop’s sub brand ‘Boutique’. The publication itself, aims to reignite brand love for the original Topshop consumer (25+). Driving societies conversations forward, the magazine will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the macro trends of the moment.
Going forward I hope to find a pathway that will allow me to use fashion as a medium to support society and the world around us. 

Email: bridget.sissons@gmail.com 
LinkedIn: @BridgetNzenwa https://www.linkedin.com/in/bridget-nzenwa-604601102/