Amber Victoria Clark

BSc. Fashion Marketing 

The inspiration behind my project was driven from my love for athleisure, as I am an avid
gym lover, who loves to wear a mixture of designer items and streetwear. Our group chose
to use Puma, as although we all were aware of the brand, all of us would opt for Nike or
Adidas rather than them and decided to create strategies to improve their attractiveness.
Future Aspirations: I would love to gain some more experience in the industry to decide
which aspect of Fashion business I enjoy the most as I didn’t take a placement year. My
intention would then be to gain a job in a fashion company and work my way up while
building my own business on the side. My dream would be to have my own high-end fashion
 Email: ambervclark@gmail.com
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/amber-clark-341694151/
Instagram : @ambervictoriac