Alice Franklin

BSc. Fashion Marketing with Industrial Experience

This pop up store design was taken from my international expansion strategy report. This
consisted of a strategic plan, where I suggested that the sustainable fashion brand People
Tree, should grow the business by entering the UAE. My vision for the strategy was: “To
inspire a new generation of ethical fashion consumers in the UAE, where value is sought in
supporting people and the planet.”
After graduation I’d like to build on my creative skills in a marketing role for a fashion brand.
I particularly enjoy PR; inspired by a press office internship at Monsoon/ Accessorize a
couple of years ago, I’d love to go into PR. In addition, after two years working in workwear
textiles, this has opened my eyes to opportunities beyond fashion!
Email: alicephoebefranklin@gmail.com
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/alice-franklin-664a60a8